It was only a few years ago coaches relied on DVDs and VHS tapes for video analysis. The inconsistency of rewinding video or the hassle of driving several towns away to pick up scout film is a problem of the past. Sports video editing software was archaic in comparison to today’s technology. The convenience of uploading practice, scrimmage and game video digitally has saved coaches countless hours. Unfortunately, this has come at a financial cost. 


A majority of schools now own a device that has a video camera but they struggle to afford the increasing cost of storage. “Sports video editors have become too expensive for our school” and “they keep upselling us on other products when negotiating these multiyear contacts” are typical complaints heard from athletic directors and coaches. 


Hudl was one of the first solutions for many schools looking for a sports video editor. But now there are alternatives! sportsYou Video is a new option for sports teams at all levels looking to cut costs and still get the core features needed to improve athletes and teams.


sportsYou team communication features that are FREE just for signing up

  • Unlimited number of teams and members per team
  • Share with others by posting to a team feed - attach files, media, polls or color text posts
  • Chat - pick and choose members to message
  • Team Calendar – keep everyone up to date with practices, games and other events
  • Save Media – save and share photos and video clips for everyone on the team to see


sportsYou Video features that you get when purchasing a package

  • Easy to upload and organize video
  • Break down film by creating clips
  • Create playlist – organize plays, situations and highlights
  • Editing tools - draw arrows, circles, lines and add text
  • Commenting on clips
  • Share with to team members (coaches, players and family members) by posting to feed or sharing by chat
  • Share externally outside of sportsYou
  • No negotiating complicated, multiyear contacts

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