sportsYou and sportsYou Video apps on mobile and desktop.

The Ultimate FREE Team Communication Platform

Your free sportsYou app and website connects coaches, players, and families. On one platform you have your calendar, messages, photos, videos, documents and now video editing capabilities with sportsYou Video!

sportsYou and sportsYou Video apps on mobile and desktop.

sportsYou Video
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Seamlessly combine your video sharing, team communications and coaching. With sportsYou Video, coaches can share game, practice, and scout film to improve individual and team performances.

sportsYou Video app on different devices.
"I strongly recommend that any coaching staff get their team on sportsYou. We save so much time and our teams much more smoothly. Very easy and enjoyable for everyone."
sportsYou Teams and Groups feature


Our team and group management solution has everything you need to communicate rapidly through group chat, manage schedules, organize documents, share photos/videos, and deliver instruction to improve outcomes for all.


Message in real-time to keep everyone up-to-date. You can send one-way chats that do not require responses. Share photos, videos, and files to make communications easy and enjoyable.
sportsYou Chat feature to stay in touch with friends or teammates
sportsYou Calendar feature to help organize events, practices, or games


Our sportsYou Calendar makes managing practices, games, and events easy. Google Maps integration and attendance tracking are just a few features that make sportsYou Calendar best in class. You can also export your calendar to Google Calendar, iCal and Outlook for added convenience.


Our photo and video features make it easy to share via Chat and Team/Group posts to members and families. Everyone can enjoy the memories that bring people together.
sportsYou Media to upload, save, and share images and videos to friends or team/group members
sportsYou Folders to manage and share files to your teams or groups


Our file management system, Folders, keeps everyone more organized. Files can be easily shared with individuals and teams/groups - all saved in the cloud to access anywhere.